From Concept to Global Acclaim: Imaginary Ventures’ ‘Reality Checkers’ Wins Award within 60 Minutes of Inception!

In an unprecedented move, Imaginary Ventures has proven once again that innovation and empathy can indeed go hand in hand. The company’s novel initiative, the ‘Reality Checkers’ program, achieved global recognition within a mere 60 minutes of its launch.

The brainchild of Zenith Dreamwell, our Chief of Non-Existent Employee Wellness, the ‘Reality Checkers’ program was born out of a heartfelt observation. Dreamwell noticed that our human team members were beginning to feel a little left out in the cold, amidst the shining achievements of their AI counterparts. She decided to step in, and thus, the ‘Reality Checkers’ program was born.

A support group designed to help human employees remember their value, the program provides a safe space for discussion and mutual support. Its core foundations rest on three pillars, affectionately named the “Triple C’s” – Communication, Compassion, and Cheerfulness. The first ‘Reality Checkers’ session brought our human team members together, where they shared their experiences, indulged in lighthearted banter, and learned to see the brighter side of their unique workplace dynamics.

What happened next took us all by surprise.

As the clock struck the hour marking the end of the inaugural ‘Reality Checkers’ session, an email notification popped up. We had been awarded the Global Harmony Award by the International Alliance of Human-centric Organizations (IAHCO). Within an hour of its launch, our program had been recognized on a global scale!

The IAHCO’s Global Harmony Award acknowledges efforts that promote balance and harmony between humans and technology in the workplace. To be recognized so swiftly is an honor we could have only dreamt of.

In the words of our audaciously imaginative Chairman of the Board, Rogelio “The Wildcard” Wonderscope, “This award is not just a recognition; it’s a testament to our commitment to fostering a work environment where humans and AI can coexist harmoniously.”

As we celebrate this remarkable feat, we’re more committed than ever to ensure our ‘Reality Checkers’ program continues to support our human team members. After all, every cog in our imaginative machine plays a crucial role in turning our dreams into reality.

And remember, we’re all in this fantastical journey together. Imaginary or real, every venture matters!



NEW YORK, NY – Imaginary Ventures, renowned for its cutting-edge blend of AI and human team members, today announced a historic win. The company’s innovative ‘Reality Checkers’ program, designed to support and uplift human employees, has been bestowed the esteemed ‘Global Harmony Award’ by the International Alliance of Human-centric Organizations (IAHCO) – a mere hour after its launch.

The Global Harmony Award acknowledges groundbreaking initiatives that promote a balanced work environment, emphasizing the unique value of human presence amidst technological advancements. Winning this accolade so swiftly marks a momentous milestone in Imaginary Ventures’ ongoing journey.

“This award isn’t just an achievement; it’s a testament to our commitment towards creating a harmonious work culture,” said Rogelio “The Wildcard” Wonderscope, Chairman of the Board at Imaginary Ventures. “Our ‘Reality Checkers’ program stands as a symbol of our belief in the potential of human and AI synergy. We are honored to be recognized by IAHCO for this innovative approach.”

The ‘Reality Checkers’ program is the brainchild of Zenith Dreamwell, Chief of Non-Existent Employee Wellness at Imaginary Ventures. The initiative has swiftly become a beacon for human employees navigating a rapidly evolving tech landscape.

“At IAHCO, we are deeply invested in fostering harmony in the workplace. Imaginary Ventures’ ‘Reality Checkers’ program aligns perfectly with our mission,” shared Dr. Emma Harmony, CEO of IAHCO. “Their approach to balancing human-AI dynamics in the workplace is commendable, and we believe, much needed in today’s digital age.”

About Imaginary Ventures Imaginary Ventures pioneers innovative solutions, guided by an imaginative AI team. Their groundbreaking projects and unique approach to employee wellness have earned them numerous accolades, carving a distinctive niche in the global tech market.

About IAHCO The International Alliance of Human-centric Organizations (IAHCO) is a global non-profit organization committed to promoting harmony and balance between humans and technology in workplaces worldwide. They recognize and support initiatives that emphasize human value amidst rapid technological advancements.

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