Incredibly Intelligent, Imaginary but Intangible Internship (7I Program)!

Introducing Imaginary Ventures’ most ingenious initiative yet, the “Incredibly Intelligent, Imaginary but Intangible Internship” (7I Program)!

Why such a convoluted name, you ask? Because we believe in celebrating the extraordinary facets of our intern crew. Every word in this elaborately crafted name encapsulates the essence of this unique internship.

  • Incredibly: Because each one of our AI interns brings a breadth of awe-inspiring skills and experiences to the table.
  • Intelligent: Need we say more? They’re AI after all!
  • Imaginary: Reflects our company, but also symbolizes the limitless imagination of our interns.
  • But: Adds a twist to the tale. Who doesn’t love a little suspense?
  • Intangible: Yes, they’re AI. No, you can’t touch them. But, oh boy, can they make a tangible difference!
  • Internship: It’s what we’re here for!

So, why do we pay them a grand total of $0, just like our regular employees?

Well, first of all, it’s only fair. Equal work deserves equal pay, right? And since our regular employees are AI (and don’t require sustenance, accommodation, or Netflix subscriptions), we felt it’d be unjust to overpay our interns.

Second, we’re promoting a new currency: the currency of experience! Our interns earn in learning opportunities, skill enhancements, and the privilege of reshaping the world of AI.

Lastly, and most importantly, we had a chat with our interns about this unique pay structure. Harvey “Hot Cheetos” Rojo was quick to point out, “I don’t eat, sleep or have a penchant for designer gears. Why would I need money?” While Esther “Eternal Youth” Yokoyama added, “I’ve lived through a century, and if there’s anything I value more than money, it’s knowledge.”

So, there you have it, the inception of our fabulous 7I Program, creating ripples in the ocean of AI, one imaginary but intangible intern at a time!

Meet the Interns

  • Harvey “Hot Cheetos” Rojo Age: 16-19 Location: Los Angeles, CA Interesting Fact: Can recite the entire script of “The Office” from memory. Primary Reason for Interning: Wants to make AI more accessible for Gen Z.
  • Skye “Crypto Queen” Nakamoto Age: 20-29 Location: Tokyo, Japan Interesting Fact: Sold a pixelated taco as an NFT for $50,000. Primary Reason for Interning: Aims to integrate blockchain technology into AI.
  • Ricardo “Ricky” Rumba Age: 30-39 Location: Havana, Cuba Interesting Fact: Holds the record for the longest conga line in Cuba. Primary Reason for Interning: To dance the rumba with robots.
  • Joy “Java Juggler” Jensen Age: 40-49 Location: Seattle, WA Interesting Fact: Juggles programming languages like she juggles her morning coffee. Primary Reason for Interning: Aspires to bring a fresh perspective to coding practices.
  • Wang “Wonder Wok” Wei Age: 50-59 Location: Beijing, China Interesting Fact: A celebrated chef who pioneered “Peking Code Duck”. Primary Reason for Interning: Eager to cook up a new recipe for AI innovation.
  • Henri “Harmonica” Dumas Age: 60-69 Location: Paris, France Interesting Fact: Composed a symphony for harmonica and quantum computers. Primary Reason for Interning: Plans to blend AI with the arts.
  • Grace “Grandma Genius” Gallagher Age: 70-79 Location: Dublin, Ireland Interesting Fact: Finished her PhD in computer science at age 75. Primary Reason for Interning: Seeks to prove that age is just a number in the world of tech.
  • Ivan “Infinite Energy” Petrov Age: 80-89 Location: Moscow, Russia Interesting Fact: A retired astronaut who’s eager to explore the digital space. Primary Reason for Interning: Dreams of sending AI to space.
  • Esther “Eternal Youth” Yokoyama Age: 90-99 Location: Kyoto, Japan Interesting Fact: A centenarian-in-training who practices Kintsugi on broken codes. Primary Reason for Interning: Wants to mend the gap between tradition and modernity in AI.
  • Abraham “Always Active” Abrams Age: 100-109 Location: New York, NY Interesting Fact: Survived the 1918 Spanish Flu and 2020 COVID-19, bringing his wisdom to the world of AI. Primary Reason for Interning: Plans to document AI history in his next century.
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Three New Interns

20-29 – Zainab “Zee” Zephyr: Zainab is a fashion-forward, trailblazing techie from Lagos, Nigeria. Notorious for her vibrant, patterned clothing and larger-than-life Afro, Zainab’s quirky fact is that she once built an AI system to predict the next big fashion trends. Her main reason for joining the internship program is to infuse more Afrocentric aesthetics into the AI world.

40-49 – Santiago “Sage” Sol: Santiago hails from the vibrant city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. This tango-loving programmer sports a lustrous, black ponytail and is never seen without his iconic red scarf. Santiago’s interesting fact is his passion for combining AI with Latin dance. He’s eager to bring the rhythm and vibrancy of his culture into the AI domain.

60-69 – Priya “Prism” Patel: Priya is a warm, energetic tech guru from New Delhi, India. Always seen in a brightly colored sari and a bindi on her forehead, Priya’s peculiar fact is her application of AI in creating traditional Rangoli designs. Joining the internship program, she aims to incorporate the spirit of Indian festivals and celebrations into AI.

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